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Inchirieri auto Galati, Braila

» General Conditions
The car is rented according to the Rental Agreement terms and conditions. Those are printed on the reverse side of your Rental Contract.
Renters are asked to read carefully and confirm acceptance by signing the Automaxim Rent A Car reserve the right of not renting a car without explanation.
Renters must meet all qualifications, standards and requirements including local contact, age, payment form, driving licence and a valid passport.
Minimum age required is 21 years. Driver must be in possession of a valid driving licence at least 1 year old.
Any additional driver must meet minimum age required.
Oil, maintenance and third party liability are included.
Fuel is not included. The missing gasoline at time of check-in will be charged with 2.00 euro /litre.
Minimum rental is one day (24 hours). First hour over the 24 hours is free of charge. Over one hour delay, a full day will be charged according to standard rate. For monthly or long term arrangements information on request.
All cars rented in airport are subject to surcharge of 50 euros for delivery and 50 euros to takeover per rental.
Renter`s responsability in case of damage or loss of rented car or parts of it, also in case of fire or breakage of glass or theft is reduced to the rates presented in the general list of rates.

Customer must have at least 21 years and be the holder of a valid driver's license with more than a year old.
The Lessor rents to the Lessee whose signature appears on the reverse of this page, the vehicle described on the reverse of this Rental Contract, on the terms and conditions stated on both sides of this Rental Contract which the lessee accepts and agrees to observe.

The Lessee acknowledges that said vehicle in proper operating condition and clean.
The five tyres are in good condition without punctures. In event of damage to any of them by any cause other than normal wear, the Lessee agrees to replace the same forthwith at his expense with a tyre of the same dimensions and in equivalent state of wear.
The trip recorder and connectors shall not be tampered with. If the recorder fails to operate for any reason, the Lessee will have to pay for the kilometric allowance calculated on the basis of 500 kilometres per day without prejudice of prosecution for fraudulent use.

The car is washed, cleaned and with full tank and must be brought as well.

» Article 2 - USE THIS VEHICLE
On pain of being excluded from the insurance coverage, The Lessee agrees not to permit the vehicle to be driven by anyone than himself or persons approved by AUTORENT for whom he shall be answerable. He also undertakes that the vehicle will not be used:
a) For paid carriage of passengers and in races
b) To push or tow any vehicle or trailer
c) By anyone under the influence of alcohol or drugs
d) For illegal purposes or carriage of goods
e) While overloaded: for example carrying more passengers then permitted by the registration papers
f) In addition, the vehicle may be driven only by persons designated below ,subject to the Lessor's prior authorization and provided that such person be at least 21 years old and have held a regulation driver's license for at least one year.
g) The Lessee undertakes to keep said vehicle closed and locked when not in use, keeping in his possession the vehicle's papers, which shall in no case be left in the vehicle. The Lessee further agrees to make use of the anti-theft device whenever leaving the car parked.
h) The lessee shall in no event, assign, sell, mortgage or pledge this contract, the vehicle, it's equipment or tools, or treat the same in any way detrimental to the Lessor. Any infraction or any of these undertakings empowers the Lessor to demand return of the vehicle forthwith.

The rental price and the rental prepayment are determined by the applicable rate lists and payable in advance.
Holders of credit cards approved by AUTOMAXIM need to make prepayment and supplementary prepayments for extension of rental within the special limits of the credit card presented. In any case prepayment may not serve to extend the rental. If the lessee wished to keep the vehicle for a period exceeding that agreed to originally, and in order to obviate disputes, he shall, after obtaining AUTOMAXIM written agreement, pay at once the rental charge for the current tental period, on pain of being liable to prosecution of misappropriation of the vehicle and breach of trust. AUTOMAXIM common terms on cancellation for prepaid reservations:
if the renter decides to cancel the booking not more than 24 hours from making a reservation, we will refund that customer 100% of the total cost minus all necessary transaction fees.
If the booking is cancelled before 8 days to pick-up, the refund is 100% minus all necessary transaction fees.
If the booking is cancelled before 5 days to pick-up, the refund to be received is 80% of the total cost; in case of cancelling before 24 hours to pick-up, it is 65%.
If the customer cancels the booking later than 24 hours to pick-up, no refund is generated.
The lessee agrees to return the vehicle to the rental agent on the date specified in the rental agreement. Return of the vehicle by the lessee to the rental agent at the designated location alone terminates the contract.
The Lessee undertakes to state to the rental agent his home address.

» Article 4 - INSURANCE
1. The lessee and each driver of the vehicle authorized pursuant to article 1 above, agrees to participate as assured in the benefit of a motor-car insurance policy, a copy of which is available to the lessee at the lessor's main business establishment. Such policy covers injury to third parties according to the applicable regulations in the country in which the vehicle is registered.
2. The lessee hereby approves said policy and undertakes to observe the terms and conditions thereof. The lessee further agrees to take all necessary steps to protect the interests of the lessor and of its insurance company in case of accident during the term of this Rental Contract and in particular:
a) to report to AUTOMAXIM within 24 hours any accident theft or fire, even partial and concurrently to the Police and bodily injury or theft;
b) to include in this report the circumstances, data, place and time of the accident, the names and addreses of the witnesses, the name and address of the owner of the other vehicle involved, the number of such vehicle, the name of such owner's insurance company and the number of the policy;
c) To attach to such report any available police or bailiff's report;
d) In no event to discuss liability, deal or settle with parties relative to the accident.
3. Carried clothing or other articles are not covered.
4. The vehicle is insured only for the rental period shown on the reverse side of this page. Thereafter, unless an extension is agreed to, AUTOMAXIM declines all responsibility for accidents which the lessee may have caused and for which alone shall be responsible.
5. AUTOMAXIM declines all responsibility for objects left in the vehicle, during the rental period.
6. The damage resulting from bad conditions of the use of the vehicle, for example poor or uneven roads�will be borne by the lessee.
7. AUTOMAXIM declines all responsibility for injury to third parties or damage to the vehicle which the lessee may cause during the rental period if he has wilfully supplied AUTOMAXIM with false information as to his identity, his address or the validity of his driver's licence. In that case the lessee is not covered by the insurance policy.
• If the driver is driving drunk or under the influence of drugs will pay all damages caused, the insurance is not valid, and the insurer will refuse to pay claims.;

» Article 5 - Warranty
At delivery, request a guarantee of 200 Euro. Deposit will be used for penalty in cases of damage inside or outside the car (200 Euro), theft of car parts, loss of car documents or vehicle keys. Requested guarantee will be returned when the client will deliver the car in good condition and body, with all documents, accessories and equipments, as it was taught.

Normal mechanical wear is for the account of AUTORENT. If the vehicle should be laid up, the repairs may be made only with the written agreement and according to the instructions of AUTORENT. A receipted and itemized bill must be available and the replace defective parts must be presented.

» Article 7 - PETROL AND OIL
The petrol is for the lesse's account. The lessee must make a standing check engine of the oil and water levels.

For any dispute relating to this contract and so far as permitted by local law:
- If the lessee is an individual, the Court will be chosen according to the local law
- If the lessee is not an individual, the Court will be chosen exclusively according to the place where the lessor has his registration office.

» Article 9 - LIABILITY
The lessee or approved drivers are criminally liable for infringements committed by them while driving the vehicle.